Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Great Second Life Art Installations - Pandora Box of Dreams "The River Dream" Is A Nighttime Fantasy

Lokhe (Angel) Verlack's Pandora Box of Dreams is now in its third iteration with an installation entitled The River Dream. I found the installation to be hauntingly beautiful, set at night, which a rocky waterscape and sculptures showing bionic forms such as flowers and fish waiting to be discovered. You might have to give time for your eyes to adjust to the very dark landscape. Various item including floating chairs and a ladder up to balloons include animations, you can see Ryce photographed in two of these below. This is a gorgeous art installation, highly recommended, and well worth a visit.

Here is the SLurl to The River Dream which will take you to the entry skybox (shown below). The lotus chair at the end of the footpath will teleport you down to the exhibit. Your Windlight Sky setting should be very dark, with a black sky and dark water underneath -- all photography in this post was taken using the settings used for the exhibit: (arrive in skybox)


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My Past Photography of Pandora's Box of Dreams in February 2015 - the build was a natural themed Japanese landscape with Sakura trees:

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