Friday, May 22, 2015

Great Second Life Art Installations: " Amnesia" Is A Hauntingly Beautiful Midnight Dream

Amnesia is a new art installation that is set in a calm lake in a dark midnight settings. The water and sky are black, which works well as a gorgeous backdrop for the beautiful islands, highlighted by rays of light, which tell a story of romantic thoughts and expressive dreams. The white light which bathes the dark water and landscape works so well here. There is even a humours island where Benja can be seen fishing  with a rod -- oblivious to a chomping alligator and hungry skeleton heading in his direction.

This is a very attractive art installation and highly recommended for a visit. Unfortunately, the notes are in Kanji, and I cannot tell who the actual artist is, but he or she should be congratulated for this outstanding work.

To visit:

All photography was taken with the native midnight Windlight sky setting programmed at the region.

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