Friday, May 1, 2015

Classic Cinema: It's May Day - Perfect For Viewing the 1981 Classic Warren Beatty Movie Reds

Warren Beatty in Reds

Although many Americans and Canadians do not realize it, May 1 is Labor Day , or International Worker's Day, most everywhere else in the world.  May Day has come to be associated with the socialist movement.

Now before I go on with this post, I will tell you that politically I am not a communist, although I in favor of social justice. The reason I am doing this post is  because I like the official song of the socialist movement, The Internationale, which will be played at many rallies around the world today -- but generally not in the United States where it has become synonymous with Communism. It is simply a catchy tune.

Diane Keaton and Warren Beatty in Reds

I am showing a very famous filmed performance of The Internationale taken from the movie Reds (1981).  Handsome Warren Beatty plays John Reed, an American Journalist and Communist who witnessed the Russian Revolution in 1917 in the film. I think its Warren Beatty's best flick, but that is not saying much, since hes a lousy actor.  He is very hot to look at though.

The 1965 Movie Dr. Zhivago also had a singing of The Internationale, but done to be more sinister -- since the aristocracy is shown to be nervous (rightfully so) during the scene.

I really like this scene in Reds when the Bolsheviks storm the Winter Palace during the  Russian Revolution.   I especially think its funny when Warren Beatty has sex with Diane Keaton who is playing Louise Bryant, his wife, in the movie in the middle of this grand dramatic scene - the storming of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, which in actuality, was nothing like the movie shows.

Saying that, please have a Happy May Day!

A similar article ran here in 2011

The Singing of The Internationale in Reds During The Russian Revolution

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