Sunday, April 5, 2015

Romantic Second Life Destinations -- Benja and Ryce Visit Wizardhat Studios- Oil Pastel Conversions

Benja and I visited Wizardhat Studios yesterday which is our favorite Romantic destination in Second Life. The gardens and seascapes here are gorgeous and vibrant, as if you are in some wonderful restful dream.  We have enjoyed escaping here ever since we met back in 2012.

I took these photographs on a very romantic hammock near the location with you can transport to using the SLURL below. I decided to make oil pastels, one of several style options which are available, courtesy of Fotosketcher. I also framed them with a scarlet mat, which is offered as one of several realistic framing style options.

SLurl to Wizardhat Studios:

You can catch my landscape photography from Wizardhat Studios here:

You can download free Fotosketcher software here. I prefer an older version of the software, 2.75 for ease of use than the most current version which is available as a download option. You of course can do this with Adobe Photoshop, but Fotosketcher is very fast -- I did all these framed images from the original photographs in under five minutes.

You can see my original images before their conversion to oil pastels here:

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