Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Great Second LIfe Destinations: Gravesend Bay - A New Mafia Role Play Community

Gravesend Bay is a new role play destination in Second Life.  Group members can sign up for available roles for two opposing mafia families --  the Giannis and Morellas.  More information on role play opportunities at the destination are available on the Gravesend Bay web site.

The actual Gravesend Bay is located off the neighborhood of Gravesend in Brooklyn New York. Despite the rather sinister sounding name, Gravesend was named after the English town of the same name 470 years ago. It is a good name for a mafia role-playing community since Brooklyn is closely associated in the popular imagination with organized crime and the mafia in general -- even though gentrification is making much of Brooklyn very hip and expensive.

Getting back to  Gravesend Bay, there are New York touches everywhere. To begin with, once you arrive in the (SLurl given below), you will need to get an OOC (Out of Character) tag and join the OOC group before you teleport down to either the North or South Subway Stations below. The subway car and station exits are realistic and are an authentic touch.

The central design element of Gravesend Bay is a very well done bridge which is evocative of the Brooklyn Bridge.  Apartments, businesses (including Second Life retail stores, brownstone rowhouses, a realistic cafe, and city services including a police headquarters and fire house all compliment the cohesive urban environment here.

One thing that I am glad the designers of Gravesend Bay did is not put up one of those repetitive and dark Skyscraper walls that seem to block out light and make many regions a bit claustrophobic. Although Brooklyn is not surrounded by mountains, they work well here.

I used Windlight Sky Setting [TOR] MIDDAY - Londonisk for all photography in this post since I liked how the bright blue light worked with the central bridge structure. You can find this setting as a option in the Firestorm viewer.

Please be respectful of the as a visitor and keep in mind that there will character role playing at the destination. However, I found people to be very helpful and friendly when I visited, and there to answer questions. Joining the Gravesend Bay Community as a role playing character would be a very good way to meet people and join a growing Second Life Community.

There are also residential and commercial units available for rent.

To visit:


Gravesend Bay Web Site:

Community Newspaper:

Ciaran Laval has an excellent review of Gravesend Bay in his blog:


The machinima offers a very good introduction to Gravesend Bay:

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