Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Visitors Are Always Welcome At "The Retreat"

Anjelikka's charming mainland estate, simply called  The Retreat, is always open to visitors. The estate consists of  a well appointed mansion and club surrounded by lovely gardens on the ground level, and a charming little chapel and reception area 2000 meters up. The chapel can be reserved for weddings and other events at no charge, please contact Angelikka if you are interested.

Note to photographers:  Since The Retreat is located on mainland, you may want to set your distance back to a viewing distance of 156 meters or shorter when taking images. You will not pick up neighboring builds and skyboxes by doing so. I usually set my distance on maximum in ultra which I can do courtesy of my NVIDIA 760 GTX graphics card -- which is unnecessary when taking non-distance photography.

I highly recommend you visit the retreat, either alone or with your partner or main squeeze. Couple dance animations are available.

To visit the retreat, use the following SLurls.  Donations are appreciated to help offset the price of tier.

Main Estate :
(Note: The mansion is open to visitors, make sure to check out the relaxing interiors):

(Note: The Chapel and grounds are available for weddings and other events at no charge, please contact Angelikka if you are interested)

Chapel Set For a Wedding

Anjelikka's Links:


Marketplace (very nice and well prices furniture items):



Interior of Main House


Club Melatonin


The Chapel and Grounds

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