Sunday, April 12, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: It's All In The Details at Beautiful 4 Seasons

I love fine detail in Second Life environmental design. The interior of bakeries and restaurants full of mouthwatering cakes and freshly baked breads, or 8 detailed turbocharged cylinders in a classic black Corvette are what catch my fancy.

Some other things that hold my interest include a farm stand through of realistic looking fruit and vegetables so fresh that you can imagine picking one up (after paying of course!) and eating it. Detailed store signs, a group of gorgeous Golden Retrievers including newborn puppies, and classic bentwood chairs in a realistic ice cream shop make for a perfect destination to visit.

If all this sounds good, I just described only part of what I found at Inkie Loudwater 's aptly named Beautiful 4 Seasons.  The central artery of the region is a very realistic central shopping street surrounded by forested areas and gardens. Visiting is a delight, the amount of time it takes to rez in all the rich and detailed textures is worth it so be patient.

This is one of the most realistic and charming destinations I have seen in Second Life and goes on my list of top-ten must see Second Life destinations for Spring 2015. Plan on taking some memorable photographs when you visit this highly recommended destination.


For more blog coverage and excellent photography of  Beautiful 4 Seasons head over to Bitacora:

Beautiful 4 Seasons changes with the seasons. To see how it looked in February, check out SL Blogger Support:

Beautiful 4 Seasons has a Flickr Group:

Inkie Loudwater blogs at Pixelstyles:

You can catch Inkie's  Flickr stream here:


All photography was taken using Windlight Sky Setting Strawberry Singh DotCom Original, which yields a mellow sunny bright light to images.

You can download all of Strawberry Singh's Windlight setting here if your viewer does not already contain them. They are quite good, and I use many of them on a regular basis.

You can find the "Orginal" Sky Setting as one of a group by downloading this XML file:

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