Thursday, April 30, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: It All Starts With A Smile Is a Breath of Fresh Air

The smell of fresh ocean air at the coast on a bright Spring Day is intoxicating at It All Starts With A Smile.  The pounding surf and overhead clouds forecast a day of light rain -- which will bring even more spring blooms out on the banks of the river which cuts through the island behind the main town. This is a perfect destination to walk and explore, and take in the varied vistas of what is one of the most charming destinations in Second Life. I highly recommend a visit.


I used the programmed Windlight sky setting programmed at the destination with cloud and time of day modifications in the advanced environmental editor to get varied sky and light effects.

To see more blog coverage and photography head over to Bitacora:

I reviewed and photographed It All Starts With A Smile twice last year at different locations:

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