Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Grungy Post-Apocalyptic Realism at After the Fall

I am not quite sure why post-apocalyptic destinations are such a favorite subject matter for sim design in Second Life and so many role-play destinations. I consider staying in a  two-star clean motel "roughing it", even after a nuclear apocalypse I would have to have daily warm showers in order to survive.

I certainly would not be a fitting post-apocalyptic role player, but I greatly appreciate this genre of virtual design. Check my links to my 2015 blog posts below; I review these destinations at least once a month. I made a recent destination discovery, After The Fall, after noticing a recent review in Honour McMillan's Blog.

There are nice touches at After The Fall. For example, instead of the ubiquitous broken and rusted Ferris Wheel which decorate so many destinations of this genre, there is an imposing excavator (above) that still appears to be in use after a violent disaster destroyed much of the town.

The sex shop touches -- After The Fall is adult rated and sex-based role play in offered as an option here -- such as the flashing neon sign above is another nice touch; perhaps a local power generator is still working even though the national electric grid is down. There are other hidden nooks and crannies such as one under the freeway with a burning trash can that would appeal to role players.

I used Windlight Sky Setting Verdigris in these images.  The tawny overcast sky effect works well with the foreboding subject matter here.

This is a very atmospheric destination and good for photographers in addition to Second Life tourists, and I recommend that you visit.


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