Thursday, April 23, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: The Amazing Detail at Small Town Cafe

Small Town Cafe is the name of both a large parcel with some very charming builds, and also a personable cafe with some very well done details. I was inspired to just photography the cafe in depth here, and plan to go back for coverage of the other structures and landscape. The objects here -- the myriads of cat groupings (make sure to look up in the rafters if you like kitties), the details of the kitchen and it's trendy retro appliances, and even the shinning wine goblets are all first rate.

I particularly liked the details such as the pretty robins egg blue of the cappuccino machine on the kitchen counter, seeing it brought back an old memory. My real life uncle once purchased 8 very old and not that attractive dining room chairs at a used furniture store and transformed into into the most beautiful blue lacquered dining room seat with cane seats -- this is just the type of place that you would expect to find these.

Objects themselves can be like beautiful landscapes in Second Life.  Looking at a well done virtual object, incorporating both real and fanciful elements, can be pure joy for photographers. This is just the kind of place to lose yourself in viewing excellent aesthetics, and I highly recommend you visit Small Town Cafe.


I used Windlight sky setting Bree Appleblossom in these images except for the very top photograph. Bree Appleblossom emits a soft pale warm light, which works well in photography meant to convey a sunny and relaxing mood. This setting comes standard in Firestorm and most other viewers.

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