Thursday, April 9, 2015

Great Second Life Art Installations: "Barefoot Wanders" at LEA 9 Is a Very Interactive Destination for Photographers

Rosie Renfew's Barefoot Wanders, which opened this week at LEA 9, is a highly interactive art installation.  I originally was going to do landscape shots here without any avatar interaction, but decided that the joy of Barefoot Wanders was in it's interactive capabilities and  photographic opportunities. Our model Ryce Skytower was glad to volunteer for the assignment.

Ryce is wearing his white Lazybum swimming brief, you can catch a current review and information on the store here.

Once you arrive, you will be facing a rugged coastline where you can find interesting placed for photographs, including landscape binoculars which Ryce is trying out in the top photograph. Props such as the giant book below.

There are teleports to three interactive sky domes which you can also visit near the arrival area.

Arrival Area -- Teleport to Three Different Spheres

One you arrive at the different sky domes, you will find other interactive items such as a swing, a night river, and a trampoline umbrella which is enormous fun. I show Ryce using this in the animated GIF which is the last photograph in the article.

Rosie is requesting that you send her any photographs to her of your visit that you would like displayed onsite.  Please send any photographs (full permission) to Rosie Renfew.

Barefoot Wanders is a very well done and fun art installation. I highly recommend a visit.



Barefoot Wanders Web Site:

Flickr Group:

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Linden Endowment for the Arts Web Site:

Ect Virtuell (Real Virtual):

This animated GIF was made over at from 6 individual frames.

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