Friday, April 10, 2015

Great Second Life Art Installations: Arnicar India's Shimmering "Moon" Is Full of Quirky Suprises

Arnicar India’s new art installation at Imagination , which is simply named Moon, is a shimmering display of delightful objects bathed in lunar glory, a mysterious white nighttime light. The moonlight plays games with the surrounding open ocean, and is hypnotic in intensity. Surprising object including an animated posse of paparazzi, a red biplane fighter, and sunken rollercoaster  all harmonize both design and story-wise to make this a must see destination.

Perhaps my love for the destination is because I am an astrological triple Cancerian, which  means that I am guided by the moon and the sea -- but for whatever reason, I love Moon and highly recommend that you visit.

Blogger Ziki Questi writes that there is a time travel device near the arrival area which teleports visitors to other "spheres".  I tried as hard as I could to find this teleport to no avail. If you can find it, please leave a message in the comments here. 

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