Friday, April 3, 2015

Great Second Life Art Installations: Bryn Oh Visualizes Her Native Saskatchewan With "Lobby Cam"

The great Second Life immersive multimedia artist Bryn Oh has created another genre masterpiece on her home sim of Immersiva - Lobby Cam. The main exhibit area of Lobby Cam is set in Bryn's home province of Saskatchewan, Canada. The viewer invited to collect a free hud at the entrance area to help with the telling of the story. The viewer eventually ends up in a grain silo in a rolling wheat field, and finishes the interactive journey in rooms accessed by a silo elevator.

This is a beautiful and well written exhibit and highly recommended for anyone who likes virtual reality. Make sure to visit.

Lobby Cam is supported by a new media grant from the Ontario Arts Council.


Lobby Cam Entrance Area

To get the most out of your visit:

You will need to wear a hud when your visit.  You can get one at the arrival area.

Make sure your Windlight settings are those that Bryn Oh has selected for the exhibit and are automatically programmed at the region.. I used the native Windlight Sky setting for these images.

Make sure your master volume is set high enough to hear the sounds associated with the exhibit.

This wall in back of the main gallery "explodes" as you walk up to it and lets you enter the exhibit area

Links for Bryn Oh:

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Inara Pey (excellent explanation of the exhibit)


Toronto Street Car

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Bryn Oh  has created all the gorgeous paintings in the main gallery where visitors arrive. They tell part of the Lobby Cam story that visitors learn with the help of the free hud handed out at the entrance area.

The kitchen below  is a room on the main floor in the wheat granary building at the end of the wheat field outside the exhibit area. There is an elevator in the building that takes the viewers to different floors of the interactive exhibit.

I found this table setting  on the ground floor of the wheat granary building interesting.

I ran into fellow blogger Ziki Questi and her friend Josey who agreed to pose for this photo for me at the exhibit. Ziki., who also works with the Linden Endowment of the Arts, blogs here:

Josey and Blogger Ziki Questi

Bryn's machinima which explains the exhibit is show below:

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