Saturday, April 4, 2015

Great Second Life Art Exhibitions: Giovanna Cerise's LINE at Otium

Giovana Cerise's LINE exhibition on Otium sim is held my interest for a considerable amount of time on Friday night. It is very well done. Lines are the unifying element in all works.

The works inside and outside the main exhibit gallery focus on two and three-dimensional objects which make use of  thin black lines as a unifying element. The work placed on the floor and stone ground appear to be shadows more than solid objects. When you view the works at different angles, you are surprised to find out they are two-dimensional, or constructed of intersecting two dimensional elements much like many older objects in Second Life.

Giovanna's art is actually placed around pretty Otium island, including the wooded area surrounding Otium town and the beach area. You can see these objects in the lower images on this page. Some of the objects are interactive and quite surprising, as the blue beach sphere below. She gives a notecard with landmarks to objects outside of the gallery area -- but it is far more fun to just explore pretty Otium and discover all of them in the gorgeous Mediterranean themed landscape.

In addition to being a visual artists of considerable fame, Giovanna is an Italian literature teacher and musician. Her impressive biography is available at the exhibit. Copies of all works are available for sale.

To visit LINE:


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Interactive Sphere -- Click on the small blue object and make sure your music is turned when you visit. 

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