Saturday, April 18, 2015

Gorgeous Second Life Destinations: Enchanting Kalpana on Enthrall Island (Now Closed)

Note: This destination is closed. 

Kalpana is the enchanting homestead of photographers Drmoonshdow and Madison Mortensen.  The collection of islands are drenched in an abundance of plantings that have overgrown their orderly placement, yielding a rich landscape that is easy to get lost in. Pay careful attention to the eagle which hungrily circles one of the outer islands, she may mistake your expensive avatar hair for a house pet dinner. There are many surprised here- diving ducks, a fun painter's easel (which I hope is open to visitors), and a gorgeous grouping of horses all add to a magical destination that I highly recommend for a visit.

Guests are welcome, but please respect the privacy of the residents.  I never enter the interior of homes when I visit locations like this unless they are clearly commercial establishments or are invited to do so by owners.

To see more blog coverage and superbly detailed images of Kalpana head over to Goodnight Photography:

Also check out Vivena Resident's Flickr stream:

The animated GIF of the lighthouse at Kalpana was made from 15 individual frames over at

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