Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fashion and Styling! Meet The New Ryce Skytower!

Hi Everyone!  I am Ryce Skytower!

Ryce has a hot new look!  Ryce has decided that being a blonde California surfer is just so yesterday and he is going to be mesh bunny from now on.

Ryce is looking forward to hearing jokes such as "well, you ______ like one so now you can look like one!"

Ryce is now only one meter high, so you may have to look down for him from now on.

Here is the old Ryce.  Don't you think the change is just so much better?

Aquest és un dia broma dels innocents.


  1. Well, personally I was very appreciative of the styling that went into the blond Californian surfer. But perhaps you'll have changed your mind by tomorrow?

  2. sweet rabbit but I prefer your usual look!

  3. The old look was one of the hottest looks in SL. Have a feeling my camera will still seek him out. (smile) Have a strong feeling the old look will be back. Can't keep a good thing down.

  4. Happy April Fool's Day Everyone!


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