Sunday, March 8, 2015

Update on Blogging - is Not Moving For Now

Eddi in Sydney, Australia

On February 26, I told you that I would be moving this blog to Wordpress by March 23. This was due to Google's adult content policy which they have since rescinded.

I have decided to stay put on Google Blogger for now -- and will wait to see what happens with this blog's ultimate content rating. Google has rated this blog as Adult, which I believe is incorrect, since this blog has no sexual content or nudity. I am going to attempt to get this rating removed.

I have taken down my temporary Wordpress site for the time being.

Moving a blog to another platform requires a large amount of work -- in addition to learning new publishing procedures. I do not want to make the switch to Wordpress unless it is completely necessary. My readers are used to seeing content here, and not on Wordpress. I do not want to make things more difficult for my followers and lose many of them in the process.

All the Best,

Eddi Haskell (and Ryce Skytower)

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