Saturday, March 21, 2015

Masterwork Machinima: The World Has Got a Problem, A Work About Global Warming Filmed in Second Life By Celestial Elf

Masterwork Machinima artist Celestial Elf addresses his main concern, the destruction of the earth's environment in this charming machinima. Although Global Warming is hardly an entertaining subject, this machinima attracts our attention with dancing chimpanzees and a cute song that provides the soundtrack. I have to admit that what happened to the polar bear (shown below) was upsetting, but the lose of arctic habitat has made this a vulnerable species that is becoming threatened with extinction.  The World Has Got a Problem is a fun machinima to watch that covers a terrible subject -- but if it is raises awareness for this, it serves once again that the platform of Second Life can be used for good purposes.

To find our more about The World Has Got a Problem  check out Celestial Elf's blog The Dance of Life:

To find our more about the locations used in filming the machimina and other production information:

You can catch Celestial Elf's other machinima here on his You Tube Channel:

The World Has Got a Problem features Chimpanzee Avatars by Kuroshojo which you can find here:

The Ground Level of Insilico

The machinima has extensive filming on two locations I reviews and photographed in January 2015:

The ground level of Insilico:

The urban build on Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island

To see my reviews of Celestial Elf's two most recent machinima:

The English Worm (March 2015):

Without Words, Celestial Elf's Homage to the Victims of Terrorism in Paris
(January 2015)

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