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Happy St. Patrick's Day! - How To Spend This Most Wonderful of Day Like a True Son of Ireland in Second Life

Today is St. Patrick's Day, the Feast Day of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Today is a widely celebrated around the world by over 6 million people in Ireland, and nearly 100 million worldwide who claim Irish ancestry, including over 35 million people in the United States alone.  The holiday will be especially celebrated in major American cities- most notably New York, Boston, and Chicago - with huge parades and great revelry. Second Life will be no exception; today will be a great day for partying in many places but most notably in several of the Irish themed regions that I write about below.

St. Patrick -- Holding a Shamrock to Explain the Trinity

For the past five years, I have been running an blog post here called Why do I celebrate St. Patrick's Day If I am not Irish?  This post was picked up by Reuter's News Service one year and is a piece of writing that I am very proud of.  It explains why every New Yorker becomes an honorary Irishman for the day, and why St. Patrick's Day was such an important holiday for me.

The Empire State Building Turns Green Tonight in Honor of St. Patrick's Day

But I was incorrect.  Last October, much to my delight and surprise, I found out  that I had Irish ancestry by taking an ancestry.com DNA test for $99.00.  You can find out more about this test and my own experiences with it here.  This will be the first St. Patrick's Day that I celebrate the great occasion as a true Irishman -- well, a partial one at least!


Ryce Skytower -  A True Son of Ireland

Ohare's Gap:

Ryce s wearing an authentic St. Patrick's Tartan from The Tartan Shop at  Ohare's Gap, This destination. is a lovely Irish seaside village that includes a replica of the  famous Blarney Stone in Blarney Castle. The stone, when kissed, will give the visitor the gift of gab (or Blarney) for the rest of their life. Make sure to stop by Malone's pub which will be jammed with people celebrating the great day by wearing the green.

You can see my full review and more photography from O'Hare's Gap here:


You can visit O'Hare's Gap Here:



Second Life Dublin:

Ryce is shown at  the Blarney Stone Pub, the social center of Second Life Dublin, Dublin is actually a 3-sim region and is very well done, and a good representation of the charming capital of Ireland. The destination also includes a virtualization of Trinity College Dublin, home of the famous Book of Kells. Ryce visited last Thursday wearing his St. Patrick's Day March outfit and was told by a festive group of revelers that the place would be partying through the rafters today:


You can find more photography from Second Life Dublin here:


Bellybutton Barkha, Elle Rossi, Ryce, and Jooo at the Blarney Stone


Flanagan Falls:

Perhaps the prettiest Irish-inspired destination in Second Life is a residential sim called Flanagan Falls. I will be reviewing this destination and showing more photography here at noon East Coast Time, in six hours. You can visit Flanagan Falls here:


Riding a Carriage in Flanagan Falls

Ryce in the Forrest at Flanagan Falls


If you are so inclined, you can listen to my favorite St. Patrick's Day song, When Irish Eyes are Smiling, by the Three Irish Tenors. And what is so cool about this is now I realize that those eyes they are singing about are, at least in part, my own.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

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  1. Blog looks great. The green for St Patrick's day. You come up with great ideas.


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