Sunday, March 8, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Everwinter- A Creepy Post-Apocalyptic Amusement Park

Everwinter imagines what an Amusement park will look like after a nuclear disaster. Damaged and rusted rides and amusements are decorated with creepy smiley faces and vulgar graffiti. A film projector repetitively plays some strange mid 20th century cartoon frames. At the center  is a twisted Ferris Wheel that have been blown off-balance by a nuclear blast. This is a fun destination that will be appreciated by all psychotic and sociopathic residents of Second Life -- I loved it and highly recommend you visit, but remember not to eat the hot dogs even though radiation is a great processed meat preserver.

There are very appropriate and creepy sounds programmed at the region which will enhance your visit.

I used the native Windlight Sky Setting programmed at the region in these images enhanced with a 25% lomographic photography effect.

To visit:

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  1. Such an evocative environment - I made a machinima here to focus on the builds Pripyat Amusement park inspiration - the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster of April 26th 1986; Reactor No4


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