Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Enchanting Leka - For Calm Seas and A Prosperous Voyage

Leka is the new name for Kate Bergdorf's newly reopened homestead region of Nordan om Jorden. The region is calm and peaceful, and sweet with the scent of newly arrived Spring blooms. The arrival area - inside a hut -- allows you to visit six locations on the island through the framed images which are teleports. Make sure to visit the inside of the large structure below which is actually a relaxing bath house.

To visit Leka:

Leka is currently a Second Life Destination Guide Editors' Pick. You can check out other recommended destinations here:


I used the native Windlight Sky Setting programmed at the sim, and did not process any of these images except for some cropping. The place morning light looked very appropriate for the region.

I used Glassy for the Windlight Water Setting to give some reflection to the calm ocean.

There was one piece of classical music which came to my mind when I visited -- an overture called Calm Seas and Prosperous Voyage by the great composer Felix Mendelssohn. The calm seas surrounding Leka, the lush and prosperous landscape, and the morning colors matched the themes in the overture. You can listen to the overture here on You Tube  when you visit:


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