Sunday, March 15, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Sweetlemon Jewell's Omega Point, a Classic Second Life Destination, Returns

Sweetlemon Jewell's Omega Point and Alpha Pont were two of my favorite Second Life destinations which disappeared about two years ago. Both were mysterious sci-fi builds with art deco elements and were warm and inviting and slightly spooky in an alien  sort of way at the same time. Sweetlemon's new Omega Point, which is still under construction but open for visiting, is a very well done development of concepts taken from both Omega and Alpha Point.  You arrive in dense forest, and follow the light to a central lighted area with stairways up to mysterious pyramid-type structure with its center being the strange altar shown above.

To visit this highly recommended destination:

All photography was taken using Bryn Oh's Bluniverse Windlight Sky Setting. I like the mysterious hazy light effect that this setting offers.

Honour McMillan has a very good write up and more photography of the new Omega Point over at her blog:

You can see Sweetlemon Jewell's photography here (Japanese language):

To see my review and more photography from the old Omega Point in 2012:

To see my 2012 review of Alpha Point, another work by Sweetlemon Jewell:

The animated GIFs below were made over at the online service from 12 individual frames each.

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