Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Rainy Days and an Urban Landscape at L’Arc-en-Ciel

Better move if Jack - or you are going to be lunch really fast!

Asa Vordun's L’Arc-en-Ciel, a favorite spot for bloggers and photographers, currently is in a very innovative state of design. Arrival is in a very flooded and partially submerged arrival hut.It is pouring rain outside, and as you walk on a wooden pier to the mainland, you are pleased that you cannot get soaking wet or pick up a bad cold or flu from an wet chill. It will eventually stop raining, by the time you arrive on the mainland -- and follow the pathways to a creepy town which has seen much better days.

Keep on walking around the bend through the town and you will come across a rusted and abandoned amusement part.  All appears to be sinister until you come across some very friendly chestnut - colored horses - and Jack the Rabbit who is about to be some hungry eagle's lunch.

This is a very unique destination but make sure to visit before Asa puts her next vision in place,  This destination changes design several times a year, and is highly recommended for a visit.

All Photography uses Windlight Sky Setting Bryn Oh's Immersiva Grey Dust.

To Visit:

See the destination Flickr site for more photography:

Asa Vordun's Flickr:

I reviewed and photographed L’Arc-en-Ciel twice in 2014 in different seasons:

Winter Snows

Early Autumn 2014:

To see more blog coverage and photography from L’Arc-en-Ciel in its current setting:


World of Yana:

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful post! You captured the feel so well <3

  2. Well thanks for the amazing work Asa, it was great to visit and I am looking forward to see what you have planned for the Summer if you are changing your design again!


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