Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: The Matoluta Sanctuary Now Has A Well Done Farm Sim To Visit

The Matoluta Sanctuary, which opened last year to raise awareness for the endangered Colonial Spanish Horse in North America, now has a very nice Farm sim to visit. The sanctuary and farm span two sims-- Sarte and Hudhufushi. The spacious landscape is hilly with winding paths; a river runs through the region surrounded by wildflowers, wildlife including a rafter of some very pretty turkeys, and fields of wheat all contribute to the realism of this  gorgeous destination.

The Designer, Mz. Marville, who designed the breathtaking Makeahla Jungle region which opened earlier in 2015, has done another splendid job here.  What I like about Mz. Marville's landscaping is the unexpected -- every trip to a hilltop reveals another unique vista. This is a very pretty region, and highly recommended for a visit.


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