Sunday, March 1, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Learn All About the Male Reproductive System By Taking The Testis Tour At Ohio State University

Benja and Ryce Ride the Sperm-Mobile on the Testis Tour

At first I thought the "Testis Tour" might very well be a joke.  The "Testis Tour", built by the Ohio State University College of Medicine has been around since 2009. The tour requires that visitors ride a "sperm-mobile", complete with a "tadpole" tail - something that seems to be out of an old Woody Allen movie - Everything You Wanted To Know about Sex.  It actually seems to be part of a very serious and highly technical course on the human reproductive system, focusing on chromosome genetics and on the level of an advanced college-level biology class. Note handouts and quizzes are all part of the tour.

When you arrive, you can teleport to the Ovary or the Testis Tour

Make sure to set your sky to Sunset to take full advantage of molecular viewing. You are given the choice of a voice or text tour-- which is very quick for the amount of information given. There is a corresponding Ovary Tour which is not as much fun to ride since you are not given something as interesting as a Sperm-Mobile to ride.

This is a fun tour, and highly educational if you can figure out what is going on, which I have to confess, was a bit over my heard due to all the biology detail involved. I still highly recommend you visit to see one of Second Life's oddest, and most impressive destinations.

To Visit:

The Ovary Tour is static and not as much fun as the Testis Tour. 

You then rez a Sperm-Mobile which seats 1-4 people

The Sperm-Mobile flies high in the sky

The Huge Sky Model of the Testis is where the Sperm-Mobile Enters

Entering the Testis, The home of sperm production

The interior of the Testis is well detailed, and shows the manufacturer of  chromosomes

Benja and Ryce Enter the duct where sperm are manufactured

This part of the tour shows how sperm are made 

There Must Be 100,000 sperm made at once!

Oh boy!  Look at all those sperm on their way to meet some ovary, or to just have fun!

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