Sunday, March 22, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Clean Lines and Vistas Provide A Majestic Setting for the Kingdom of Corona

It is a maxim in architecture school that the best  inspiration for great design are restrictions that the architect is given to work with. Great Second Life architecture must take in account the restrictions of a square-shaped  parcel in what my be an island setting, or a crowded mainland environment. The new Kingdom of Corona makes very good use of its setting, the huge open courtyard flanked by fountains and facing the dramatic vista of an open sea offered one of the most breathtaking arrival vistas I have seen in Second Life.

The new Kingdom of Corona's tells visitors that they can "Experience the glamorous life of 18th century monarchy. While I personally do not own an orb and scepter, or come to think of it any regalia at all, I am tempted to buy some to wear for some cool photograph.   But you cannot play around with this 18th century concept that much without worrying about loosing your head in the process!  This is just the right place to set up a guillotine for some fun role play- and here is the perfect avatar for experiencing French Revolution role play!

Corona says that it will be offering opera premiers at the Royal Theater. This is a very grand destination for the performing arts, which could also be held outdoors in the open throne area for effect.

The art planners might consider holding Richard Wagner's great work The Flying Dutchman outdoors there the cool saiding ships are. I can just imagine how cool the large ship would look bathed in ead light and sunk at the end.  The Victorian Opera in Melbourne Australia just put on a 3-D version -- the Second Life version could be even better:

Corona is currently a Second Life Destination Guide Editors' Pick. You can check out other recommended destinations here:

Corona is a great addition to historic regions in Second Life.  I highly recommend a visit. SLurl:

I plan to photograph the interior of buildings here next week. Please contact owner  Mina Pelazzi to book weddings or other events at Corona.

Much of the architecture on Corona, including all of the larger buildings, was designed by Kaya Angel, the architect of the Rose Theater and Angel Manor. You can find Kaya's web store here where he sells large buildings and other decorative items:

You can visit the furniture store on Angle Island here to purchase the items shown here. Items are for sale throughout Angel Manor Estate.

You can visit the Angel Manor Building Sales here:

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