Thursday, March 26, 2015

Great Second Life Art Installations: Opening Today at 1:00 PM SLT: Haveit Neox's Brilliant "City Inside Out" at LEA 20

Haveit Neox keep on outdoing himself with incredibly imaginative and beautiful art installations that follow his unique sculptural style of cut-out shapes and balanced placements. His installation which opens today,at LEA 20 (Linden Endowment for the Arts), City Inside Out,  is, in my opinion, his best yet. It is dazzling and makes an important statement about how an urban environment appears to a homeless person -- threatening and confusing, and fill of objects which could become threatening.

Haveit writes the following about City Inside Out:

Walking into any interior reveals only exteriors. The sense of personal space is absent. How is a city experienced when there are no comforts for the soul, no home?

City Inside Out is open though June 30, 2015 and is highly recommended for a visit. It is one of the best art installations I have seen in my 8 years of Second Life.

Your taxi:

Landing in the sky for the opening today at 1 PM SLT:

Landing at GROUND LEVEL of the exhibit:


The actual exhibit uses a soft tan coloring, much like a city would appear in the summertime perhaps -- auto pollution and other smog. However, I wanted to see more contrast and note the nighttime starry view astronomical effects used in the rotating background.

All photography in this post uses Windlight Sky Setting [TOR] MIDDAY - Nostalgika.  I applied a slight lomographic effect to bring out the three-dimensional aspects of each image.

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The GIF below was created from 12 individual frames using the online service.

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