Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Great Second Life Art Installation: Rebecca Bashly's Though Provoking "When Life Gives You Apples" on LEA 6

Rebecca Bashly, who is one of Second Life's most prolific and recognized multimedia artists, currently has an installation on LEA (Linden Endowment For The Arts) 6 on two terrible issues that confront many women on a daily basis. The Installation, entitled When Life Gives You Apples, is, according to Rebecca, about about domestic violence and eating disorders, which she says appear to be two very different things, but are very similar.

The installation is in three parts - a huge carved out apple leads to teleports to a giant pulsating heart, which I show in the GIF below, and a sparsely furnished red house which contain vignette shapes of woman who I assume to be representative of victims of violence. There is a beauty to this installation in its simplicity and starkness, and good use of color and light, but the overall effect is disquieting.

You can visit simply to appreciate the dramatic sculptures, or think about the message of the exhibit -- told through stories that you can access on note cards (small apples are actually note-givers), or dwell on two subjects that primarily affects females in modern society, but also can effect males who are increasingly admitting to being subjects of both domestic violence and anorexia.

All photography was taken with Windlight Sky Setting AnaLutetia - outdoor and Windlight Water Setting Glassy

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This GIF was made over at from about 15 individual frames.

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