Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eddi's Hot Computing Tip for Windows 7 Users: Hot To Open Gorgeous Hidden International Themes For Your Desktop

I found this tip out by accident even though many Windows users already know this.

I wanted to download more themes for my desktop. A theme are those photographs that will automatically change as a background image for your screen.

There are thousands of these available in search. However, some of the web sites seem very dodgy and I do not want to go through the experience of spending a huge amount of time finding malware on my system as I did last week. I decided not to download anything from any site which I had not heard of - especially those that required too many mysterious "click-throughs" to gain programs.

While searching, I found out that I did not have to download anything at all.

Windows users already have many more themes to chose from that are not pre-loaded as options. I only had four pre-loaded and was able to pick up 14 more national including Russia, Spain, and Great Britain. Microsoft, apparently, does not want to offer their users any themes unless they are in their local language.

Some Optional Themes Available
Adding themes is very easy to do:

First, copy this and put this in "search programs and files" after you click your start button.


You will then get a master folder that says MCT,  Open it and you will see sub-folders. They all contain international themes for different nations consisting of background images; I had 18 in mine (shown below). You probably only have 5 or less of these on your system.

Then, open each folder, open the theme folder, and double click on this icon for each. This will install the additional themes for you.

Then double-click any open area of your desktop to see the new international themes. The image at the top of this post shows some of the themes I have installed on mine.

Windows 8 users may want to do this, but the interface is different than Windows 7.

Note:  If you do not want any windows sounds, select "no sounds" as a sound option.

This is an easy one, and one that will give you more viewing options.
Here is a link to other hot computing tips:

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