Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Eddi;s Hot Computing Tip: Attention Windows 7 Users. Do You Need To Speed Up The Time It is Taking To Open Your Picture and Document Files?

Note From Eddi:  I offer this computing tips as solutions for problems that have worked for me. But before you do this, you must make sure you know how to revert what you have done in case additional problems are caused.  Remember, haste makes waste -- and nothing will cause you more lost time than having to roll back your computer in case of computer setting messups!


I found a fix over at Addictive Tips for a problem that has been plaguing me for several months.

This fix is for Windows 7 users, but if you search, you should find a similar fix for Windows 8 or other versions.

It has been taking far too long to open up the photograph images in my pictures files. Lately, it has taken as much as 20 seconds to do this -- and having Windows Explorer freeze and not allow me to do other tasks as I wait for all my files to open. I have resorted to actually cancelling the process and staring over which wastes more time in some cased.

I have over 133 megabytes of images, which translates to someone over 25,000  high-rez  images on my system. I thought the problem was due to the amount of image date I had to open -- but I was wrong.

I employed these easy fixes over at Addictivetips -- what was causing my problem was having to reconstruct a thumbnail cache every time I opened an image file.

Please read these two articles, in order. if you have similar problems. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have the right file type chosen in properties, which I did. The second link if the important one -- by following these easy instructions, I no longer have these long delays.

Read this first

And then this,.

This will not completely eliminate the latency in opening picture files but it will noticeably help.

The bottom line is that you need to revoke permissions for all users to empty any thumbnail cache. Your Windows PC then will run as fast as it did when it was new.

Here is a link to other hot computing tips:

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