Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: The Matoluta Sanctuary Now Has A Well Done Farm Sim To Visit

The Matoluta Sanctuary, which opened last year to raise awareness for the endangered Colonial Spanish Horse in North America, now has a very nice Farm sim to visit. The sanctuary and farm span two sims-- Sarte and Hudhufushi. The spacious landscape is hilly with winding paths; a river runs through the region surrounded by wildflowers, wildlife including a rafter of some very pretty turkeys, and fields of wheat all contribute to the realism of this  gorgeous destination.

The Designer, Mz. Marville, who designed the breathtaking Makeahla Jungle region which opened earlier in 2015, has done another splendid job here.  What I like about Mz. Marville's landscaping is the unexpected -- every trip to a hilltop reveals another unique vista. This is a very pretty region, and highly recommended for a visit.


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Monday, March 30, 2015

Second Life Photo of the Day: Spectacular GIFs from "Light Thoughts" by Mario2 Helstein

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These GIF's were made over at gifmaker.me from abpit 15 individual frames. You can see an example of an individul frame under each animated image.

Real Life Hunk of the Week: Model Travis Bryant, You Tube Sensation Aaron Rhodes' New Boyfriend

28 year old Travis Bryant is an American model. He is receiving publicity these days for being You Tube Celebrity Aaron Rhodes boyfriend.

Bryant was originally from Denver, Colorado. He has been in great demand as a model for the past 7 years. He has modeled for prestigious brands including "Armani", "Valentino", "Dolce and Gabbana", "Perry Ellis", "Calvin Klein", "Jean Paul Gaultier", and "Louis Vuitton".  He has appeared in many magazines including  "Arena Homme",  "Cosmo", "GUS", "Ocean Drive", "OZON", and  "Genre".

Travis continues to do model work and lives in Los Angeles, where he is registered with Vision Models. 




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Travis and Aaron Rhodes

Check back here next Monday for more photographs of celebrity Mario Lopez, Grand Marshall of the Miami Gay Pride Parade On April 12.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: A New Role-Play Destination Reviewed: The City of Blackwall

The City of Blackwall is a is a "dark, dystopian, supernatural-themed" town which located on the plant Araxia. It has recently opened its gate to the outside world and is looking for a wide range of role-playing residents to populate the town.

I liked Blackwall, it reminded me of a central European village that time has forgotten. There are nice touches such as an opium den for role players to enjoy. The mysterious purplish light adds a nice aura of mystery.

All photography was taken with the native Windlight setting programmed at the destination when I visited which has since been changed. I adjusted the gama setting in the "advanced sky" tab in the three lowest photos in this article to lighten each image.

When you arrive at the arrival skybox, make sure to grab an observer tag before you teleport down to visit:

For more information on the City of Blackwall, and role play opportunities, check out their web site:

All photography was taken with the native Windlight setting programmed at the destination. I adjusted the gama setting in the "advanced sky" tab in the three lowest photos in this article to lighten each image.

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Masterwork Machinima: Celestial Elf's "Reactor N0 4", about the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster and the Need for Sustainable and Green Alternatives

Celestial Elf  continues his environmentally-focused creation of masterworks filmed in Second Life with the riveting Reactor No 4, which is about the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster which occurred in what is now The Ukraine.

All of Celestial's works are here because they are enjoyable and superbly produced. I consider him to be one of the greatest machinima artists using Second Life as a medium. The fact they are extremely important on crucial issues concerning the environment make them particularly relevant.

Celestial Elf writes the following about Reactor No 4:

"I started this project because I encountered a virtual reality model of the Ukrainian town of Pripyat near to Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, called Everwinter Post Apocalyptic Theme Park and made by Lauren Bentham, which prompted me to look again at the Chernobyl Nuclear.

The United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation identified fewer than 60 immediate deaths from trauma, acute radiation poisoning and thyroid cancer - non-governmental organizations contrastingly claimed up to a million deaths were caused"

Continued over at Celestial Elf's blog The Dance of Life:

You can catch Celestial Elf's other machinima here on his You Tube Channel:

The first part of the machinima was filmed at Everwinter, a destination I reviewed here in March 2015:

Evergreen in Second Life photographed by Celestial Elf

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Outbreak A Convincing Urban Post-Apocalyptic Role Play Destination

Outbreak is a realistic post-apocalyptic role play destination. The idea of living in a world devastated by a nuclear war or disastrous cosmic event such as an asteroid hit actually does not hold much appeal to myself, but appeals to many.  Many people are here with weapons, Ryce decided to visit as a security guard which you can see in the images below.  The town at 2600 meters where the actual role play is done is very well constructed and even attractive.  I particularly liked all the automobile wrecks and the 1950's architecture sleazy motels where rooms can be rented. This is a fun destination to visit, and a great addition to  the post-apocalyptic genre in Second Life.

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Ruin City:

Insilico (ground level):

The two images below show Security Guard Ryce Skytower at the arrival area on ground level. The role play area, the urban environment shown in the six images above, is at a higher level accessible by teleport.