Saturday, February 21, 2015

New World Notes Features My Article on Haveit Neox's The Hall of the Centaurs

New World Notes, by far the #1 publication for Second Life and Virtual Worlds, has published a review of my recent post on Haveit Neox's Hall of the Centaurs in their Friday, February 20 edition.
Wagner James, aka Hamlet Au in Second Life, does a great job of covering the most important Virtual World developments and I am honored that he is featuring this blog this weekend.

You can catch the New World Notes review here:

One thing Hamlet comments on is the incorrect adult rating of this blog which Google Blogspot mysteriously assigned last December.  Despite several attempts, I cannot get this removed. Google does not offer a means of directly contacting them for a review. Google rated my blog adult without even telling me beforehand, and after I have been publishing with them for six years. As I point out in a long comment in New World Notes, this has resulted in a dramatic decline of blog readership -- and is very poor customer service on Google's part. I still am trying to restore this blog's correct general rating, since I do not publish sexually explicit or nude photography here. 

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