Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Photography from Saturday's Celebration of Avacar Bluestar's Life

Ryce Skytower, Esme Capelo, Ricogenu Bluestar, Evan Greymist

I just realized that I never posted my photographs from the amazing celebration of Avacar Bluestar's Life on Saturday February 7. So here they are!

We raised over L $ 62,000 Linden in Avacar's Memory for a donation to the American Heart Association, and it simply was a great event!

You can find a great deal of photography over at Rusty Redfield's blog:

Please see my Saturday post for thank yous and acknowledgements for the event:

Evan Greymist, Jessicaann Wrigglesworth, Ryce Skytower

Ryce Skytower, Esme Capelo, Ricogenu Bluestar

DJ Thorn Andel, Esme Capelo

Ryce Skytower, Ricogenu Bluestar, Evan Gerymist, Kharissa Indigo, Jack Jayaram

DJ Thorn Andel, Esme Capelo

The Crowd Gather for Phemie Alcott's Concert (on piano)

Rusty Redfield's Photo of Benja and Ryce at the event.
You can catch his other photos here 

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