Saturday, February 21, 2015

Must - See Event: The Second Life Science Fiction Convention Is Absolutely Amazing - Open Through 3/1/15

I will not mince words. The Second Life 2015 Science Fiction Convention, which is open through March 1, is absolutely amazing. This is what a multi-sim event should look like -- those who plan the hodge-podge Second Life Birthday Event Celebrations please take note- this was actually an interesting event to attend.

The individual exhibit run the gamut from fair to absolutely outstanding -- but it is the overall plan and impact of the event that makes a difference. I spent at least 7 hours here on Friday night taking photographs and simply marveling at how much the Science Fiction Convention managed to deliver a cohesive and interesting view of the future.

Once you arrive at the main landing area, you can chose which region to visit by using of the 8 colored teleports (shown above) to arrive at a new region of the exhibit. Make sure to take one of the flying shuttles that flies around to get a good view of the action below.

This event benefits the American Cancer Society Relay for Life which has raised millions of real world dollars over the past 10 years to help medical research.

All photography was taken using the programmed Windlight settings per each region, which is predominately in a pinkish hue.

Please note that this event was crowded on opening day.  You may want to turn off your particles to reduce lag, it was snowing particles in one region which actually caused Firestorm to crash as I was taking high-resolution photographs- something that has not happened to my computer since I installed my new NVIDIA 760 GTX graphics card a year ago.

Use the following SLurl to arrive at the central teleport area:


To see more photography from the fair:

To find out more about the event, and the daily list of programs including daily events:

Facebook page:

 The convention event schedule -- which includes parties and other fun events -- can be found here:

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