Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Is Google Declaring War On LGBT Bloggers? It Sure Looks That Way!

From http://googlebloggerclosesgayblogs.blogspot.com/

It appears that Google Blogger is discriminating against LGBT Bloggers. In fact, it is a purge that is worthy of the dark ages.

Yesterday, Google sent emails to any blog owner that uses the Google Blogger service with an adult rating that unless all sexually explicit and graphically nude content was removed, blogs would not longer be made available for public viewing after March 23.

My adult rated blog, ryceskytower.blogspot.com, will almost certianly come down on March 23.
This is too be expected, since this blog was specifically started as a place for me to post adult content. I cannot go through 1,000 posts and take down every nude image as Google suggests.

But this is only half the story.

Apparently LGBT oriented blogs are being specifically targeted. This blog is one of them.

This blog does not publish sexually explicit or mature content but is quite open about appealing to an LGBT audience in Second Life. Although most of the content here is general and covers Second Life destinations, I do occasionally run photography of the LGBT club scene in Second Life and feature other non-sexual photography for LGBT audiences.

In late December, and without notifying me, Google assigned this blog an adult rating. I could not figure out why -- and attempts to contact Google were rebuffed.  It has cut pageviews down 40% here since we are now invisible in search.

It now seems that merely having LGBT content may get this blog removed after March 23.

The prestigious Ziff Davis News Service confirms this. LGBT is marked as a primary targeted category.  Look at the very first category -- LGBT because it is "outsider" sexuality!

Currently, Blogger blogs marked as "adult" include LGBT and "outsider sexuality" diaries, erotic writers, transgender activists, romance book editors and reviewers, sex toy reviewers, art nude photographers, film-makers, artists such as painters and comic illustrators, text-only fiction writers, sex news and porn gossip writers, LGBT sex activism, sex education and information outlets, fetish fashion, feminist porn blogs, and much, much more.

Upon checking the web tonight, other LGBT bloggers who are using Google's platform are reporting the same treatment.

The Google Gay Blog Kill Number 4651 and Growing!

There is even a web site that is listing over 4600 blogs with LGBT content that have been shut down by Google in the past few weeks. Although many are overtly sexual, many are not.


I really hope this is not true.  But for now, I expect that this blog in its current form with not be published after March 23, and that I will need to migrate to a new platform.

I pray that Google in its wanting to make their blogging platform as non objectionable as possible is not declaring war on LGBT Bloggers by refusing to publish their content. We have come to far to go back to this treatment.

Google Blogger;s New Policy?




  1. I feel certain that mine will go down. I am at a loss for words.

  2. I am not at a loss for world. Fill in the blanks and you can figure them out. F_ _ _ Y_ _ GOOGLE! See you can set my words!

  3. I was shocked to read this, I always believed Google to be supportive of LGBT but seems like they have taken a massive backward step.

    I wanted to link you to the support page for wordpress which might be a suitable place to migrate your photography blog to. I moved my blogger blog to wordpress per these instructions a while back and it was pretty simple. For the other blog, they have stricter rules but they are pretty well laid out. Will link you to both pages. I'm guessing other sites have similar support in place too if you don't like wordpress.

    1. Thanks Spanki. Much appreciated since many of us will now be doing this.


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