Thursday, February 5, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations:The Anglican Cathedral on Epiphany Island

There is a very pretty Anglican Cathedral and complex of structures on Epiphany Island, constructed in grey limestone, which is very pretty to photograph in the winter snow. This is a prayer and meditative destination for those who  follow the heritage of the Church of England, other Christians, and those exploring the Christian faith, and has a host of activities available with online support for spiritual guidance.

Cathedral with Rose Window on Front

In addition to the large gothic revival Cathedral, built in an English style, there is a half-timbered Parish House which reminded me of the half-timbered tudor structures in Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare and the location of the famous festival held in his name. A new cozy and dramatic chapel with a soaring interior is also located nearby.

View of Chapel and Cathedral

Epiphany Island is under renovation. The structures are worth visiting, but there are many objects and signs that clutter the views. One thing I derendered for these photographs, and could not figure out, are the Palm Trees in front of the Cathedral in the winter snows. I recommend that these be removed, and that trees and plantings more appropriate for the British Isles be put in their place. However, these imperfections do not detract from a must-see Second Life destination for anyone who is interested in good virtual period architecture, or anything English in Second Life.


Half-Timbered Parish House

All photography in the posting uses Windlight sky setting !!JUICYBOMB.COM - Gogo Hearts SL, which gives a nice warm grey tone to both interior and exterior shots. You can download all 5 Juicybomb windlight sky settings here:

Parish House Dome

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Chapel and Gardens

Interior View of the Chapel

Interior View of the Parish House

Dome of the Parish House (looking up)


  1. Thanks for taking and publishing such wonderful photos of Epiphany Island. The palm trees are not normally there, I assure you. Helene Milena - Lay Pastor

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Good to know Reverend Milena-- they did not make much sense in the snow! :).

  2. I think the palm trees are actually a very positive sign - our sim is not a static entity but one where people laugh together and build friendships and sometimes palm trees or other artefacts turn up as a result!

    Thank you for the title, but I'm not a reverend, just a lay person with permission from a bishop to do what I do.


  3. Wonderful eye for composition.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Celberon Donardson


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