Sunday, February 15, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: The Enchanting Springtime Home of Blithe and the Pixel Bean Coffeeshop.

The Pixel Bean Coffeeshop always is a stand-out destination in Second Life. The recent build in fresh Winter snows was enchanting and romantic, and the one Winter location that Benja and I spent the most amount of time visiting.

Winter tends to end early in Second Life, and many destinations are now changing into the brilliant fresh greens of Springtime. Pixel Bean Coffeehouse, and the neighboring Blithe region, are two sims of fresh hardwood trees, trails, and country buildings set on hilly islands in a rugged coastal island setting.

These two regions are dazzling in its freshness, and muted usage of woodland colors -- and are as natural as any destination in Second Life. Nothing is forced or contrived here-- you may loose yourself and forget you are in virtual reality when you visit, which I highly recommend you do.

Blithe is a Second Life Destination Guide Editors' Pick for February 2015.


To visit Blithe:

To visit the neighboring Pixel Bean Coffeeshop:


All photography was taken using Windlight Sky Setting Strawberry Singh DotCom Original, which yields a mellow sunny bright light to images.

You can download all of Strawberry Singh's Windlight setting here if your viewer does not already contain them. They are quite good, and I use many of them on a regular basis.

You can find the "Orginal" Sky Setting as one of a group by downloading this XML file:

How to Install Optional Windlight Settings:

If you do not know how to add Windlight settings to your Second Life viewers, first download the XML file, save it, and then literally drop it in to the folder containing your other Windlight Sky Setting when you are not inworld. Your Windlight settings should be in your app_settings folder in a separate Windlight Sky folder.


To see my recent photography of the Pixel Bean Coffeeshop in the Decembers snows:

To see more blog coverage and photography at Kara's Korner:

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