Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Tessie, The Wonderful Steampunk Serpent at Unzipped 3D

Destany Laval & Barnabas Moonshadow's Unzipped Main Store, located on Tesla Isle, is a wonder to behold. UnZipped is a large retailer of some very well made fashion and accessory items for those interested in the Steampunk, Victorian, Post-Apocalyptic and Science Fiction time periods.

The star attraction of UnZipped 3D is undoubtedly Tessie, the great fire breathing mechanical serpent who resides in the lagoon outside the main store. You cannot miss Tessie -- her glowing yellow eyes and sharp fangs are, frankly, a bit unnerving to see at first. She looks at you the same way my cat looks at a bag of seafood treats. She is mechanical though -- go up close in her head and see the working gears and pumps that operate her. Make sure to visit Tessie see what can accomplished using traditional sculpt and prim build technologies in Second Life.

To Visit Tessie at the Unzipped 3D Main Store:

To see my full review of this destination from January 2015:


Unzipped 3D Facebook Page:  

Unzipped 3D Web Site:

Unzipped 3D Second Life Marketplace Store:

This  animated GIF of Tessie was constructed using 20 individual frames at the easy-to-use gifmaker.me web site.

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