Friday, February 27, 2015

Great Second Life Art Installations: NaTaS Janus & Friends- Entropy 2 - Three, and Soon to be Five Great Installations at LEA 28


Note:  Another attraction has opened at Entropy 2 - Fast Food Hell. You can catch my review here:

NaTaS Janus and friends are building Entropy 2 at LEA 28, which will be four individual art installations and a very interesting urban-themed gift shop when completed. Although two art installations are not yet complete, I visited and met with NaTaS who said that visitors are welcome to see the open areas.

The arrival area is shown below. You can visit Blue (the green hued images above and below), Cliché (the black and white images immediately below), and the urban themed Gift Shop, where you can pick up a large variety of really cool freebies.

Make sure to visit the interior of the buildings in the gift shop area to see some very well done interior spaces. I especially liked the Absinthe Bar with its beautiful emerald light just like the famous liquor itself.

The doors are teleports to the individual installations.  To visit:

Arrival Area

To find our more about the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA):

NaTaS has an interesting store on the Second Life Marketplace:


Gift Shop


This animated GIF from the Blue installation was made from 18 individual frames at

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  1. I have known Natas for a long time in SL, i am one of the few to call him friend ,get to watch him create art , another view point of it in the 3D environment of sl.. I really hope to see more of his art to come in SL. "rolls duct tape behind her"


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