Monday, February 16, 2015

Fashion and Styling: Ryce Celebrates Presidents Day With Lazybum's Starry Briefs

Today is Presidents' Day, a national holiday in the U.S.A. honoring the 283rd birthday of George Washington, the first President.

Ryce is celebrating the day by wearing Lazybum's Starry Briefs, inspired red, white and blue of the the American flag. The briefs, which cost  L $200 come in different body layers, and include a bulge.

Lazybum makes a wide range of very attractive men's briefs in many different designs and styles. You can find the main Lazybum store in Boystown here:

Photography was taken using Windlight Sky Setting  (SS) Atmospheric 16:00 Cloudy 2 at Spurt Beach.

You can find my additional reviews of Lazybum briefs featuring Eddi Haskell here:


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