Thursday, February 26, 2015 Will Be Moving To Wordlpress Within Three Weeks -- You Can See My Wordpress Blog Here

Update on March 8, 2015 -- I have decided not to move to Wordpress for the time being, since Google has since rescinded their restrictive content policy-

Eddi Haskell

At some point over the next three weeks, I will be leaving Google Blogger and moving over to Wordpress.  Google's new no mature content policy has prompted this. This policy puts LGBT Bloggers under additional scrutiny -- anything vaguely sexual may earn you an adult rating from Google simply because worldwide readers are not as open as those in the USA and other area.

You can see what my blog may look like here -- I am experimenting with the Hemingway format, but may decide on another. I have republished today's post here:

The Wordpress address is temporary until I make the move and use as my only blogging address.

My Blogger address here,, will either terminate on March 23, or stay up and be pointed to my new Wordpress Blog.

What I have yet to decide is if I will publish on, an ad supported platform, or move over to my own hosting provider (this is paid) and publish a WordPress Blog there with I may make this a two-step process. Whatever I decide, will be my only blogging address once I make the switch. is not that complicated, I urge everyone publishing on Blogger who is considering a move to try it.

Note: allows adult content.  You can see their policy here. I do not think they will change this as Google has, but if you are concerned about this, consider a blog on a provider such as HostGator -- this will cost a small amount each month. 

You can see's mature policy here:

For now, please continue to check back here for our most recent posts.

I will keep you up to date on the move.

To the future,

Eddi Haskell (and Ryce Skytower)

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