Saturday, January 17, 2015

Masterwork Machinima - Celestial Elf's Without Words, His Homage to the Victims of Terrorism in Paris

Celestial Elf, my favorite Second Life Master Machinima Artist has produced a very poignant and touching video to commemorate the victims of last week's terrorist murders in Paris.

He plays the violin and stars in this machinima.

Celestial Elf writes the following:

In the wake of the Paris terror attacks however further instances of censorship and terrorism against artists, authors and citizens are being brought to a wider public awareness. In this light my homage is for both the dead and for freedom of speech itself - threatened on this occasion and so many more.

To continue, head over to Celestial Elf's Blog The Dance of Life:

You can catch Celestial Elf's other machinima here on his You Tube Channel:

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