Sunday, January 11, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Winter Renewed At Timeless Memories

Just as I thought I had finished my winter photography in Second Life, I discovered an enchanting new destination in the Editors' Pick section of the Second Life Destination Guide -- Elvira Kytori's
Timeless Memories. I imagine this destination as not being too cold or extreme in any way. the pale blue light and gentle falling snow make this a very attractive and relaxing place to visit -- the visitors at the destination certainly seem to think so.

Elvira Kytori writes the following about Timeless Memories:

Without timeless memories, what would you carry with throughout life? At Timeless Memories, time slows, stopping just long enough to catch your breath in this infinite land. Take a few photos, meet a kind soul or just relax in the moment. 

To Visit:

All of my photography uses Elvira Kytori's programmed Windlight settings. I applied a slight lomo effect to bring out the three dimensionality of the images  -- but applied minimal additional processing.

Owner Elvira Kytori invites visitor to post photos on Flickr:

Timeless Memories is a Second Life Destinations Guide Editors' Pick for January 2015.

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