Saturday, January 24, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: See The Time Keeper In Circlevision at Discovery Mark 2

One of the highlights of Xadllas Bing's Discovery Park, which has recently reopened in a Mark II rendition, is the famous film called "The Time Keeper". The Time Keeper goes back in time and visits Jules Vernes at the Paris Exposition of 1900 -- and accidentally transports him, and yourself, to the future.

Your taxi to the park:

The Time Keeper is shown in Circlevision -- just like the original attraction at Walt Disney locations around the world. The physical effect of the movie gives a sensation of movement that is quite remarkable. I think that this would be a must-see destination for anyone who is using an Oculus Rift -type headset. However, you do not need a headset to appreciate the attraction -- just view it in mouselook for the best effect.

The movie starts every 20 minutes. The exhibits in the lobby as you wait for the film are interesting -- as is the rest of Second Life's best themed amusement park.

You can find out more about the original Time Keeper attraction here:

You can read my full review of the first Discovery here, including photography of the famous Space Mountain ride which has reopened in Discovery Mark 11:

To see more blog coverage head over to Bitacora:

The GIF image below shows still images from the film in Second Life.

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