Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Saying Goodbye to A Second Life Winter from Beautiful Pigeon Island

Winter ends early in Second Life. By the end of January, most of the winter sims will be out in Spring bloom. While I can see this being appealing for those who live in colder climes, this is a bit depressing for a Floridian such as myself. We are in the midst of a very warm winter, and I dream of snow and colder weather -- well for a few days at least!

I aimed to complete my coverage of Winter Sims by New Years Day -- one of the things I have to do is to give landmarks for destinations which do not exist by the time I publish a review. However, I had to make an exception for beautiful Pigeon Island. Back in the Summer of 2014, Pigeon Island, a natural paradise, had a very well done abandoned urban neighborhood in a skybox. This urban neighborhood has evolved into an entire district on ground level. It is still foreboding; no inhabitants or signs of life can be seen.

The effect of the pale winter light with occasional snow showers in this district is magical. The textures and constructions here are excellent combining elements of North American and European cities. At times street views looked like Brooklyn New York or Amsterdam, two cities which I have lived in. Keep the windlight sky setting programmed for the sim to get a very good misty effect of the falling snow.

This is a must-see destination for anyone who liked Winter Sims and,sadly,probably the last winter destination I will review for another 11 months. I do have some other Winter content programmed for later in January with prior photography. I highly recommend that you visit.

Your Taxi:

To see more blog coverage and photography at Echt Virtuell (Real Virtual)

To see my 2014 coverage of Pigeon Island in summer:

The lower island:

The skybox city:

I thought the below street sculpture of a couple kissing was a very nice touch.

I used a cool grey Windlight Sky Setting -- one that I customized on the sport to get this chilly street view below.

These interior shots are of the pretty cottage outside of the town walls.

One of the great things about photographing interiors in an ultra setting is the effect of light reflections through windows.  Make sure to up your gamma to lighten interiors in advanced Sky Settings, and use the time of day rule, to get an optimal effect.

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