Saturday, January 10, 2015

Gorgeous Second Life Destinations: The RainForest Resort of Lago de Prata

The pretty resort of Lago de Prata, located on an island in the Blake Sea, is in a  tropical rain forest setting. This is very realistic for a Caribbean resort, for in the summer months of May - October it will usually rain and thunderstorm every day for several hours. The rain here is refreshing, and the cabins and cottages for rent beautiful. In addition, there is a club, a restaurant, a beauty spa, and several lounges -- just the place to visit to warm up in a cold winters clime. This is a perfect location for photographer, if you want to take photographe without rain fall remember to turn your particles off in advanced graphic settings.

To visit:

To see the Lago de Prata Web Site with Event and Rentals Information:

To see more blog coverage of this destination with good photography head over to Love to Decorate's web site:

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