Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Great Second Life Winter Destinations: The Gorgeous Design of Brook Hill Estate

Marcus Aurelius's Brook Hill Estate, which was designed and built with the help of Samuel Fallen, is one of the most attractive planned communities to have ever been built on the grid. Brook Hill Estate, spanning several islands near the Blake Sea, is maritime oriented-- boat slips and light houses combine with rocky coasts combine here with crisp modern architecture. But modernity does not overwhelm -- there are period touches such as cobblestoned lanes, copper fountains, and outcrops of hardwood tree growth that add to the destination's charm. The islands here are especially appealing with banks of clean white snow. This is a destination for photographers to visit and admire -- and anyone who is lucky enough to live here is experiencing some of the best design Second Life has to offer.

During the month of December 2014, there is a large holiday gacha yard close to the SLurl arrival area given below to raise funds for  the Survivors of Suicide (SOS). Many top name home and fashion designers are there-- make sure to check out the sale when you visit.

To visit the destination, estate office for home and parcel rentals, and the yard sale:

Brook Hill Estate Web Site:

To find more places to visit, go to the Second Life Destination Guide for Winter Attractions:

Ryce Skytower and Brook Hill Estate Owner Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius. Ryce Skytower, and Yannick Docherty 

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