Sunday, December 21, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Winter at Kitten's Heaven

Kitten's Heaven is a remarkably beautiful destination with a great deal of thought made for what has to be one of the most natural snowscapes anywhere in Second Life. There are even animated "kittens" scooting around the large pond near the arrival area, playing some sort of bumpercar game.

The main thing about the destination that, in retrospect, is not natural is the pinkish tone of the snow and light as a result of a Windlight setting. I tend to use the programmed Windlight settings in my photography as a consideration to the designing artist. I considered reshooting these images, since they are not natural -- but decided not to.  This is what the world looks like through rose-colored glasses-- and which I now find very agreeable as an artistic vision.

To visit this highly recommended and different winter destination:


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To see how this location looked last summer see my photography from August 2014:

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