Thursday, December 18, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Winter Seasonal Village Wonderland is Simply Gorgeous

Many Second Life winter destinations celebrate the winter holiday season in the same way. Similar structures and holiday decorations on gently rolling hills -- with holiday activities such as ice skating rinks and sleigh rides are very nice, and make Christmastime in Second Life the magical season most residents look forward to.

Occasionally, a winter sim stands out as a unique artistic achievement. Winter Seasonal Village Wonderland is such a place. The main element in building a stand-out destination is surprise. This is what will keep visitors exploring and maintaining their interest. I found the vistas and building interiors here to be unique.  If you look at the lower images here, you can see the attention to interior detail that makes this such a delight. The natural landscape here, with hidden vistas behind outcrops of trees is also very well done.

Winter Season Village Wonderland is a residential sim, there were a few vacancies available when I visited earlier this week. You can pay the rent boxes for cabins immediately if you are interested in living here-- you can contact Vita Camino for details.

This is a gorgeous destination to visit and photograph, and I highly recommend you do so.


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