Friday, December 5, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Saying Goodbye to Enchantment Island

BambiTwice Nitely's Enchantment Island, a well known Second Life destination will be closing unless additional funding can be found. The island is home to over a dozen attractions which are shown on the map on the bottom of this post, including the Museum of Surrealism and Museum of Illusions.

I found the attractions on the island, while content-rich, to be somewhat dated visually. In addition there is much clutter with many boxy objects and signs. This is what Second Life looked like 6 years ago. Although I am not sure if this has anything to do with current business, it is important to keep attractions visually up-to-date. I am not recommending that every attraction use mesh construction and high resolution textures, but in a multiple destination environment, regular visual updates will ensure that new fans are constantly brought in.

This is a highly recommended place to visit before (and if) it closes simply to take in all the great content, and see a part of Second Life history that could be lost forever. Please remember to contribute if you enjoy your visit.

This SLurl will take you to the central teleport area shown below:

To find out more about the closing, read SL Newser's article:

Map of Enchantment Island Destionations

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